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Change of Ownership

Private Sale 

Fee within the UK - £20.00 / Outwith the UK  - £25.00

When a registered Shetland pony changes ownership, it is the legal responsibility of the new owner to record the change of ownership at the Society Office within 30 DAYS of purchase. The pony's passport should be returned to the Office, accompanied by a completed change of ownership form.  To download a form and a copy of your legal responsibilities, please see the downloads list to the right.

The new transfer forms consists of two parts, one to be retained by the seller and one to be passed to the buyer with the passport.  Both parts should be completed and signed by the seller. The seller's copy should be sent to the office with the appropriate fee. No change of ownership will be accepted without the correct signature and fee. If you have any problems with this then please phone the office and we will be happy to advise.

It is irrelevant in the initial procedures whether the sale is instigated by the buyer or the seller of the animal.

Once a price is agreed it is a subject of negotiation how the price is paid i.e. cash, cheque, etc. This is purely a matter for the purchaser/seller to arrange. In the case of a registered Shetland Pony, the transfer document should be filled in completely by the seller with the names and addresses of the buyer and seller and signed by the seller and the buyer’s part put in the back pocket of the passport folder.  The seller’s part should be submitted to the SPS-BS office along with the appropriate fee.

If the pony is to be collected by a transporter arranged by the purchaser, the buyer section of the completed transfer document and the passport should be handed to the transport personnel at the time of loading. 

From this point the animal belongs to, and is the total responsibility of, the purchaser and the seller has surrendered any control over the future of said animal.

On arrival with the buyer the transfer document and passport should be sent to the SPS-BS office, where the ownership changes will be made and recorded and this is the only involvement of the SPS-BS office.

Online Transfer Instructions

Click on ‘On-Line Stud Book’ on top menu bar

Once logged on, go to “manage your herd”

Only live animals currently in the ownership of the member number used to log on will be displayed.
Select the appropriate transfer depending upon whether you are paying or not.

The animals to be transferred should be ticked. Scroll down as necessary to find all the animals you wish to transfer.

When complete move to the bottom of the screen to notify the society.

In order to notify the details of the new owner to the Society, there are 2 options.

* If the purchaser is a current member of the society, then the 'search for new owner' should be selected. A search screen will be displayed to enter either the member number or part of the surname. A list of members matching the entered criteria is displayed.

* If the purchaser is not a current member of the society or if you are unsure, then choose option 2 and enter buyer’s details.

Once the member clicks on 'Submit applications to Breed Society', these entries will be added into the download file, for the Society to download when they are ready Return to “manage your herd”. For transfers where the vendor is paying, your shopping basket will now be displayed with the amount due.

When all payable transfers have been completed, click on proceed to checkout to make payment through PayPal

Society Pony Sales

If you are selling a pony at a Society Sale, you must take the passport with you to the sale, otherwise the pony will not be allowed through the sale ring.  Please ensure that a signed change of ownership form is inside the passport.

If you purchase a pony at a Shetland Pony 678电玩 Society Sale, the transfer of ownership will be carried out automatically. This will be on the day of the sale. Please check to see if your passport has been updated with your details. If it has not then you must return the passport to Shetland House so that the details can be updated for you. Please note, that other sales that are not affiliated to the Shetland Pony 678电玩 Society are treated in the same way as private sales. After you purchase a pony, you will be given the passport when you pay the Auctioneer. This should then be returned to the Society with a signed transfer and fee to be updated.

Please note that you may have difficulties if stopped when transporting your pony if the passport is not amended and your name is not shown as the current owner.